Customer URL Ticketing System

McAfee® provides an online tool that enables you to check if a site is categorized within various versions of the SmartFilter Internet Database or the Webwasher URL Filter Database. After you check a URL, this tool also allows you to suggest an alternative categorization for a site. If you want to track your change requests or be notified via email you can register for a free account. These requests will be addressed within an average of 3-5 business days with some requests requiring additional review and taking longer.

Please note: anonymous submissions may or may not get addressed in a timely manner. To ensure prompt response, please create an account.

Check Single URL

Select this link to check the categorization/reputation of a single URL

Check Single URL

Check URL List File

Select this link in order to check the categorization/reputation for a list of given URLs. The URLs should be placed in a plain text file with one URL on each line. A free account is required.

Check URL List File

Track URL Ticket Status

Track the status of your tickets that have been opened during the past 90 days. A free account is required.

Track Request Status

Note: this Web-based service is designed for occasional use by individuals. If you have hundreds or thousand of URLs you would like to test, please write to us about your needs. Most often, we can provide timely analysis of your request. If we see heavy use of this Web-based service by automated programs, we reserve the right to deny access.

Please email us at and we will gladly work with you.